May 24, 2021

Google+ is now available for watch makers to build apps for Android Wear smartwatches.

WatchMaker is a developer tool designed to help watchmakers and app developers build apps that use Google+ functionality to add Google+ integrations to their watchfaces.

Watch Maker’s website states that Google+ allows watchmakers to “connect with Google’s services in the same way you would with a Google account.”

WatchMaker’s page lists watchmakers as well as watch apps that have been approved by Google and watchmakers in China.

Watchmakers can add Google+.

apps to their apps without requiring users to download an app.

Watch maker TKL WatchMaker, which is based in the United States, lists WatchMaker on its site.

Watch makers can upload their apps to Google Play, as well, and WatchMaker will help users “get their watch experience on Google’s watch face.”

Google+ works with Google to provide developers with tools to create apps for the Google+ platform.

The watch maker WatchMaker website lists Watch Maker as one of the apps that are available to developers to use.

It states that WatchMaker apps can “list your contacts, share your location, post a photo, or use your Google+ profile to send you relevant content.”

TKG WatchMaker says on its website that Watch Maker apps can be created with Android Wear, but doesn’t mention that Google is currently testing the integration.

TKLG WatchMaker has also announced plans to launch WatchMaker with Google+.

In its FAQ, the company states that “all WatchMaker app developers are free to create an Android Wear watch face and Google+ app with their watchface, but we only accept watch faces from WatchMaker.”

Google WatchMaker also says that it is in the process of adding “a Google+ feature” to the watch maker app.

Google+ will be available to watch makers in the next version of Android Wear.

Google will provide watch makers with Google+, but only when they submit their watch faces to the app developer.

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