May 26, 2021

Watchmaker Chris Dibner is taking a look at the art of making a watch, the basics of watchmaking and the latest trends in the watchmaking world.

Read MoreWatchMaker Chris DIBNER has been making watches for years, but this is the first time he’s taken on a watchmaking course and taught himself the basics.

His videos, which he has published on his YouTube channel, show him how to create a simple watch from scratch, using the same basic tools as someone who’s never done it before.

WatchMaker’s videos are also a good way to learn about watchmaking, and if you want to learn more about watches, Dibners courses are a good place to start.

WatchMaker has already been featured on the BBC’s Newsnight, with presenter Steve Rosenberg saying WatchMaker “is an important resource for watchmakers and enthusiasts”.

WatchMaker, whose name is taken from the German word for “watch”, is a watchmaker who specializes in watches that are both affordable and easy to make.

He said that because he’s been doing this for so long, he knew exactly what to look for when making his watch.

“I have to look to the classics.

You need a watch that has a big case and a nice strap, a good bezel and a really smooth, flat watch movement,” he told the BBC.

Dibner’s video series, titled “Watchmaking 101”, is set to air on Newsnight on Tuesday.

It covers everything from what to buy, to what to do when you’re having a problem and how to keep your watch looking professional.

Watchmaker Chris has had a busy 2016 so far.

He recently released a new collection of watches, including a bracelet-inspired watch with a “classic” look and an updated version of the classic timepiece, the Seamaster Seamasters, which has a bracelet, not a bezel.

WATCHMaker also launched an online store, with all of its watches available for pre-order for £5.

Watchmaker has also published a series of books on watches.

Watch maker Chris Diberner’s YouTube channel:

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