July 15, 2021

CALGARY, Alberta — Watchmaker Watchmaker argues its not a big deal to lose out on an opportunity to sell watches online.

Calgary Watchmaker CEO Felix Baumgartner says the Calgary watchmaking market is thriving, but the online market isn’t growing fast enough to compete.

The company is a global watchmaker specializing in watches, jewelry, leather goods, watches and watches accessories.

Watchmaker says it sells in over 190 countries and is looking to expand its offerings to include the Internet.

Baumgartners watchmaker is now selling a watch at its Calgary warehouse, but it’s not the same watch the company sold online.

The online store, Watchmaker, lists watch prices starting at $3,000 for a $350 quartz quartz and $1,500 for a quartz model.

Baums watch was on sale in the Calgary warehouse for $5,400.

The Calgary Watchmaker’s online store says the watches sold are in excellent condition.

The Watchmaker is in Calgary for the annual International Watch Show in Edmonton, Canada.

Watchmakers CEO Felis Baumgardner says Watchmaker has the highest standard of customer service in the watch industry.

The watchmaker says the online sale will help its competitors by selling more products.

Watch Maker says it’s hoping to sell its watches at a much lower price point and it will keep a low inventory level to compete with the online store.

Bauman says Watchmakers is planning to sell some watches online and in Calgary at some point in the future.

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