July 18, 2021

A watchmaker has named his daughter’s wedding as “the first of its kind in the UK”. 

The wedding was filmed in England by The Watchmaker’s Son, who shared the photo with the Independent Watchmakers UK site.

The wedding took place in London’s Notting Hill on February 25, 2018. 

The bride, who was wearing a white gown and red bowler hat, is pictured in the background. 

According to The Watchmaker s son, the wedding was a “great day for me and my family”.

The Watch Maker’s Son told the Independent that the bride was “excited to wear the wedding dress that she chose”.

“The wedding is the first of it’s kind in Britain, and it’s the best way to get a look at how the UK is doing,” he added.

“We’re not just a brand here.

Watchmaker Watches son’s Instagram post The wedding has sparked outrage in the British fashion world. “

I’m happy with the wedding, and my daughter is also really happy to wear it.” 

Watchmaker Watches son’s Instagram post The wedding has sparked outrage in the British fashion world. 

Many have expressed their disgust at the wedding on social media, with many saying the “tough-as-nails” wedding dress was “unnecessarily difficult” to wear and “inappropriate”.

The wedding was photographed by  The Watch Maker s Son. 

His Instagram post shared a picture of the bride in the dress, alongside a caption that read: “My day at the beach with my friends!”

The wedding photo has since been removed from The WatchMaker s Instagram page. 

On Saturday, TheWatchmaker Sons Instagram account posted a picture showing the bride and her family in the cabin at the estate, where the couple’s wedding day was filmed.

The caption read:  My day in Notting Hill. 

I had my daughter and my best friend (who is from the UK) to celebrate.

We had a lovely reception.

The reception was filmed by The Watchmakers Son and his friends.

 It has now been removed, although the photo remains up on The WATCHmaker ‘s Instagram page.

Watchmaker watches son’s Facebook postWatchmaker Watchmaker Watchmakers Sons Facebook page has since gone quiet.

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