July 18, 2021

Watchmakers have begun to take the plunge, according to a report from the Swiss watchmaker Swatch Group.

Swatch announced that it will begin selling watches from a new subsidiary called Swatch Watch in 2019, with a goal of producing 200,000 watches per year by 2021.

It also said that it plans to invest $1 billion in watchmaking in the U.S. and Canada by 2021, as well as establish new manufacturing plants.

The company plans to start selling in 2017, with plans to add an additional 200,00 watches per month by 2022.

Swatch Watch will sell a wide range of Swiss watches, with the most popular models coming from the company’s flagship brand, the Watchman.

It has also created the Watchmaster and Watchman-M, which feature a new, thinner watch face with a curved bezel, an automatic movement and a new case design.

Swatches from Watchman, Watchmaster, and M models are available at Swatch’s retail stores and online.

Swatches will be available in a range of models, including the WatchMaker, Watchman Plus, WatchMaster, and WatchMaster Plus.

The WatchMaster and Watchmaster Plus models are currently available only in limited quantities, but it will eventually become available to all Swatch customers.

Swatching has not disclosed the price of its watches yet, but the company is expected to offer a starting price of $6,900 for a watch with a 1,600-watt display.

The new Watchmaker will also sell watches from brands like TAG Heuer and TAG Heuston.

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