July 29, 2021

Next Big Time’s newest line of smartwatches is called the “sexy” watch.

The watch features a metal case, stainless steel band, and a brushed stainless steel bracelet.

There’s a “nano-mechanical” case, too, and there’s also a bracelet that can also be customized with multiple colors.

The company has yet to reveal more details about the watch’s materials and colors, but you can see it in action below.

Watch design has long been a hot topic in the watch industry.

Last year, I reviewed the Samsung Gear S3, and earlier this year, Pebble announced its own watch.

It was a bit of a departure from the company’s previous smartwatch offerings, which tended to be more of a fashion accessory than a watch.

However, I think that the latest addition to Next Big Watch’s lineup is a pretty good fit for Next Big’s approach.

In fact, the watch looks like a pretty awesome wearable in person.

The leather strap, for example, is made of a premium vegetable-tanned leather.

It also comes with a black leather band that can be customized to fit your wrist.

As the watch comes in multiple colors, the leather band can also add a lot of color.

While it’s not as fancy as the “cool” designs we’ve seen in the past, Next Big doesn’t seem to have any qualms about making a watch with a premium look.

I’d say that this is a smartwatch that’s going to appeal to the ladies and guys alike.

The strap also features a micro-adjustable buckle, so it’s easy to adjust the strap’s fit.

If you’re a bit more into the “classic” look, you can also customize the strap with a leather band.

It comes in two colors, too.

The band is also available in multiple styles, and it’s a bit smaller than the standard band.

The stainless steel bands can be swapped out for a metal band that will also work for other watch bands.

While Next Big isn’t revealing much about the watches design yet, they’re currently on Kickstarter.

If all goes well, the watches release in early 2018.

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