August 2, 2021

Watchmaker tools, the online auction site that sells custom watches from watchmakers including Tudor, Rolex and Seiko, is offering a $7,500 “Gatora” watch, which includes a quartz movement, a black leather strap, a water resistant sapphire crystal, a titanium bracelet, and a leather strap and bracelet bands.

The watch is a version of the “Gatera” made by Tudor. says the watch is available for $1,972.24.

The sale includes a watch that features a “Sapphire crystal” and “Tudor leather strap” and an “Elastic strap” on the wrist.

“It is a very high-end watch with a very sophisticated feel,” the seller says.

“The watch is designed for the Rolex Seamaster 24mm GMT, with the quartz movement and bracelet being a Seamasters originality and quality.

“Teddy and I are happy for this opportunity to be able to share our passion for the Seamastore brand with this great buyer. “

We are happy to be a part of this exciting new chapter in watchmaking,” the watchmaker adds.

They will appreciate the thoughtful quality and thoughtful design of the watch.” “

As always, watchmakers will be delighted to be selling the watch to a fanatical collector.

They will appreciate the thoughtful quality and thoughtful design of the watch.” has a history of selling watches, particularly high-quality vintage watches.

It started selling watches in 2007, with watches that were designed by watchmakers like Omega, Tudor and Patek Philippe.

The site has also sold watches from Rolex, Seamontome and Casio, including a watch from Rolexes first production run of the Daytona Beach Marathon.

The watches sold at Watchmaker’s eBay auctions are often more expensive than watches they are designed to match.

The company says the watches are made by “one of the largest watchmakers in the world,” and will have the same functionality as the watches that are available at Watchmakers auctions.

A “GATORA” watch sells for $7000.

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