August 3, 2021

5.6 inches and up.

The watch comes with a black dial with white hands and is a good choice for those who prefer a little more sophistication.

It has a 24-hour power reserve, but it’s only capable of running for a few hours before needing to be charged.

This means that you’ll need to recharge it periodically.

The 5.8-inch version, which costs Rs. 11,799, has a similar look to the 5.2-inch model.

It is also powered by a 24 hour battery and has a very high power reserve.

It also has a 3200mAh battery, which is the same as the 5s.

It is the only one in the lineup to come with a 4K display, but the 5-inch is the cheapest model available, with the other two costing more.

It’s also available with a stainless steel case.

The 6.3-inch edition, which retails for Rs. 14,999, has the same look and feel as the 6.2, but has a higher power reserve and is the most expensive model.

The 4-inch 5s also has the best resolution of any smartwatch, and it has a 4,000mAh battery.

However, it has an extra hour of battery life and a lower resolution of the 4K screen.

The 5-6.2 is the best-resolution of the three, with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels and a power reserve of 4,500mAh.

It comes with Android Wear software, which you can use for apps, alarms, fitness tracking, notifications and so on.

The watch also comes with Bluetooth connectivity for connectivity with other devices, such as the iPhone and Android Wear.

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