August 6, 2021

5 watchmakers have launched a four-day training course on the art of watchmaking in India.

The course will be held at the Institute of Watchmaking, a centre for the production of handmade watches in New Delhi, and will be led by a former watchmaker and the founder of a watchmaking workshop in New York.

“It’s the first time a group of watchmakers has organised an open workshop in India and we are very excited to bring this to the watchmakers,” said Vishnu Gupta, managing director of watchmaker BH Watches and founder of the institute.

“Watchmaking is the lifeblood of our industry.

It’s a skill that we are all passionate about and we hope that this workshop will help all watchmakers and watchmakers’ workshops around the world to learn about this art.”

The course, titled Watchmaking Workshop, will offer students a broad overview of watch making and the techniques and tools used to make watches.

Students will learn the history of watch design, the tools and techniques that go into making a watch, the processes involved in producing the watch, and how the process of creating a watch can be taught to anyone.

It will also provide the participants with a deeper understanding of watch manufacturing.

“In watchmaking, the process is very similar to the art, which has been practised for centuries,” said BH Watchmakers Founder Pranab Pandey.

“You start by making the watch from scratch.

Then you make the case and the caseback.

You then make the movements.

Then after you’ve finished making all these steps, you start on the hands.

The hands are all the building blocks of a finished watch.

The movements and gears, the rings, and the hands are the whole process.”

The workshop will focus on a broad range of topics such as:How to choose the right watchmaking equipmentHow to select the right case, hands, and dialsHow to use and use wellThe workshop is being hosted by a watchmaker workshop in Delhi, which is hosting a three-day workshop on watchmaking and its tools at the same time.

The workshops have been running for a year now and they are looking to expand to a full year.

“We are looking forward to bringing our workshops to India,” said Pandey, who was the first to launch the workshops in New Jersey.

“The idea of having a watchmakers workshop in a city like New Delhi is an amazing one and it will bring together watchmakers from all over the world.”

Watchmakers who are interested in taking part in the workshop can find the course on its website.

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