August 12, 2021

Watchmakers are coming under fire over a report which said the company’s new leather watch faces were “too comfortable” and would not fit the body of a woman.

Watchmakers Loup, watchmakers bench, and watchmakers case, which makes the leather watches, were accused of making a “misleading statement” and said the “trend is that people want more comfort and more control”.

The new watches will be available in three styles: the classic leather, the new leather with leather bands and a “modern” style.

“They are a big step forward for Loup but they are not going to be for everyone,” said Mr Mazzoni.

The company says its leather watches are “more comfortable and more precise than the leather on most other watches out there”.

It’s a bold claim.

Loup has not released a leather watch face since the new models, which are also being released in Japan, were launched. 

But the company has been criticized for not making a good enough leather watch, with a US-based watch company calling them “a poor product”.

“If they make it better, it’s a great product,” said Joe Mazzonis, senior product manager at the watch company.

Mr Mazzonesi also criticised the new watches’ size.

He said the new Loup leather watches were “just too small”, and they were “not the same size as other watches”.

“We need to make them bigger and thicker,” he said.

In its statement, the Watchmakers said the leather watch was a “perfect fit for the wrist and a great option for a family that wants to be at their best, with an elegant look and comfortable wear”.

The company is also taking steps to improve the leather strap. 

It’s not the first time Loup has been accused of misleading consumers.

Two years ago, a US watchmaker launched a leather strap with a design which was said to resemble the “mascot” of its rival, the Louis Vuitton Watch. 

The watchmaker also made an error in its marketing which claimed that a leather wristband with a leather band, a “satin buckle” and a leather-like strap would be “the perfect companion” for a “classic” watch.

But that was after a backlash against the new designs, which were branded “silly”.

Loupe has since made improvements, but it’s not enough to win back trust.

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