August 13, 2021

WATCH | Watch maker Bob the watch maker, who started his career in China, said on Friday he will stay with the country to make watches in a country where he has worked before.

Bob the Watch Maker has been making watches in China for a decade now and is known for his intricate and delicate watches, such as the “Czech Style” which are considered among the most precious and delicate in the world.

Bob has also produced watches in the US, where he said he would keep making watches.

In his interview with The Times, Bob said that he would continue to work in China and India, but he said it was important that he be able to see people.

Bob said he wanted to make his watches in India because he was very interested in Indian culture.

He said his watches are “a way of showing that I’m still alive and that I have a future here”.

“I’m not going to stop making watches,” he said.

“If they want to come to India, I’ll still be here.”

He said he has had a good relationship with India and had seen their culture evolve.

Bob’s mother died from a heart attack when he was just three years old, but Bob said he still feels “a strong connection” to the country.

He said that when he returned to the US to be an American citizen, he had a lot of problems with the US government.

“I felt like they wanted to take away everything that I had in the States.

That was the beginning of a huge transition,” he told The Times.

“But I did everything I could.

I was working with an army officer and I went to the consulate in San Francisco.

They wanted to do a visa interview.

I said no, I don’t want to be here.

But I did not know that at that point in time they would try to take my passport.””

I was a student at the time, I was a teenager and I had a whole year to go.

So I worked very hard to go back to the States and work for free.

And I didn’t do that because I wanted to stay and do something else.”

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