September 5, 2021

The best watches are making it into the world, and we’ve rounded up some of the best watches in Europe. 

There’s plenty of variety in this list of watches, with some watches having been designed for different purposes, or some watches being made for a specific purpose, so the selection is wide. 

The watchmaker with the widest selection of watches on this list is Swiss watchmaker, Sanyo. 

While they’re not the most prolific watchmakers in Europe, SANYO is known for their watches and they’ve made some of our favourite watches in the past. 

In addition to watches, SONY also has a line of watches that have been made in China, but this is probably the best place to find SANYOs. 

Sanyos famous chronograph watch is the Omega D1. 

It’s the watch that has seen most of the watchmakers’ watches, from a vintage look to a modern look. 

For more on the Omega chronograph, watchmaking and watchmaking around the world check out our article on the best chronographs in Europe and watchmakers. 

Watchmaking in ChinaIn the last two decades, watchmakers from China have been turning out the biggest range of watches in Asia. 

These watches range from the classic, like the classic chronograph in the shape of a wristwatch, to the more modern and fancier. 

Here are some of China’s best watches: Chinese watchmaker Shanghai Watchmaker Shanghai has made a name for itself as one of the leading watchmakers and watch manufacturers in Asia and the Pacific. 

They’ve produced some of Asia’s best vintage watches, like their original chronograph with the gold dial. 

Also worth mentioning is their new “Asteroid Watch”, which is a timepiece that looks like an asteroid and is a collaboration between Shanghai and Japanese watchmaker Nobuyuki Takahashi. 

When you get the watch, it looks like a giant meteor and is called a Moonwatch. 

Tokyo Watchmaker Watches are one of Japan’s most successful watchmakers, but their range is also one of its most extensive. 

Their range includes a lot of classic and contemporary watches, but also some very modern and unusual designs. 

This watch is made from titanium, a material that has been around for over 200 years and has a hardness of about 9.5. 

You can find more info on the Tokyo Watchmaker website. 

Chinese watches made in Hong KongThe Chinese watchmakers are not only one of Asia-Pacific’s biggest watchmakers but also one that is one of Europe’s most prolific. 

Although the number of watches produced in China is smaller than it is in the rest of the world (China produced more than 6.5 million watches last year), China still produces some of its best watchmakers around the globe. 

 Here’s some of what you might see when you go to watch events in HongKong: A very interesting Japanese watch made from aluminium. 

Made in Japan, the Omega Omega Seamaster is a very interesting watch.

It has a very elegant dial and a very good balance between design and functionality. 

A Japanese watch that looks very similar to an American watch, and made by a company called JVC. 

Its an interesting design and looks good on any wrist. 

More interesting, a very modern Japanese watch with an interesting style. 

Just another watch made in Japan. 

Hip-Hop in ChinaHip hop is the newest form of music, and while its a niche art form, there are a lot more artists making records now than ever before. 

If you want to hear what’s happening right now in the music world, it’s time to check out the Music on China website.

The Chinese watches on the list that you might not have heard of are also making it to Europe, where they have a significant following. 

Most of the watches on our list have been created in China. 

Take a look at some of them: The most interesting watch in the world is an elegant, high-quality watch. 

Created by Chinese watchmaker Yungsu. 

At first glance, the watch is quite a little, but in fact, it has been crafted with a precision and a level of craftsmanship that can’t be found in most watches. 

Not to mention that the watch looks amazing. 

Check out more on Yungs watches.

The most amazing watch in China with an amazing design. 

From an extremely simple watch to a highly sophisticated, and the watch still has a lot to do in order to make it into a great watch.

Made by the company known as Zara Watchmaker, the Cafe Marlborough is a classic watch that is also made in Germany. 

After the original model, Zara introduced a new model, the Marlbich. 

Now that the Marbich is in a different format, you can find

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