September 9, 2021

Watchmaking is a craft where a watchmaker makes a watch, a pocket watch, or a necklace.

This is the type of craft that I love to learn about, and to help children make their own.

I have watched over the years as watchmaking schools grew, and I have seen the value and creativity that watchmakers bring to the table. 

The value of watchmaking, in my opinion, lies in the craft and creativity involved.

If you want to learn watchmaking or you want something to make, then this book is for you.

It will guide you through the process of making a watch for your child or someone else.

The book, Watchmaking for Kids: A Guide to the Craft of Watchmaking, covers the basic skills and techniques of watch making, and provides detailed information on the various watchmaking types, materials, tools, and other useful things to keep in mind.

This book is also designed to help you learn about the watchmaking profession and the craft itself.

You’ll find information on:Watchmaking basics Watchmaking tools and techniquesThe difference between a watchmaking tool and a watchMaking watches and how to make themLearn about making watches and their importanceMaking watches from different parts of the worldMaking watches that are unique and usefulMaking watches made from different materials and working with different metalsCreating watches for your daughter, for example, or for someone elseWatchmaking is an interesting craft.

It can be an exciting hobby for young people, but watchmaking is also a highly skilled and demanding profession.

The craft is a high-level skill, and the skills learned here will help your child learn to watch well and become a watch maker of her own.

The Watchmaking Book by Jill Eichhorn and Tim Fiebert is the perfect resource for you to start with, and it will help you become a better watchmaker.

I highly recommend this book to parents and teachers who want to start their children’s watchmaking learning journey.

You can find more information on Watchmaking Books and Resources from the Watchmaking Industry Association.

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