September 13, 2021

By David M. Shilton and Alex R. MolnarIndependent watchmakers, or watchmakers who manufacture and sell their own watches, are becoming increasingly affordable.

The Independent WATCHMAKERS Index 2017 ranks independent watchmaking companies according to their affordability and quality, and their market share in the Australian market.

The Index also provides an indication of the overall market for independent watchmaker watches.

The index is based on the retail value of the brand’s products, not on how many of them are sold.

It is a way of measuring the market share of a company in Australia.

The rankings are based on a sample of watchmakers’ most recent financial statements, and they do not include any third-party data that could distort their ranking.

The Independent WatchMaker Index 2017 rankingA company’s index score represents its market share, or share of the market for the year in question.

A company’s score ranges from 0 to 100.

A company with an index score of 1 means that it sells the equivalent of 1.5 per cent of the Australian watch market in the year.

A score of 100 indicates that the company has a market share for the whole year.

In the past, the index has been used to measure how much the Australian industry has increased in the past decade.

It is an index of the quality of a brand’s watch manufacturing processes and the quality, or cost, of its watches.

Independent watchmakers do not have to produce their own parts, but instead rely on third-parties to make their watches.

Independent watchmaker watchmaker brands are considered independent if they make their own watch and not have a parent company.

In 2017, the Independent Watchmaker Index, the industry’s benchmark, was released and has a score of 5,000.

The average score for the independent watch maker is 4,000 and the top 10 companies in the index earn more than $1 million in revenue.

Here are the top 20 independent watch makers ranked in the 2017 Independent Watchmaking Index.

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