September 15, 2021

Watchmakers suppliers Dufour and Dupont, both in Quebec, said Wednesday they will stop making watches for watchmakers and will no longer supply watchmakers watches.

The move comes as Dufour is preparing to shut down its Quebec factory, which it had operated for decades.

Watchmakers say Dupont did not make a product for them and should be shut down.

“The Dufour watchmakers association will not supply watchmaker watches to watchmakers,” Dupont said in a statement.

“We are committed to keeping our watchmakers as partners and are confident that our association will continue to do so.”

Dufour, founded in 1868 in Montreal, made many watches for its namesake watchmaker and later for the watchmaking industry.

It’s still the leading watchmaker in the world today, and it sells more than 100 million watches a year.

Dufour said it’s disappointed in the decision of Dupont to sell its watchmaking business to other brands.

Watchmaker watches are a crucial part of Dufour’s business.

“Our watchmakers have worked hard to make the best watches possible,” Dufour said in the statement.

Dufour and its parent company, the Quebec-based French watchmaker Duperot, did not immediately respond to an email and a phone message seeking comment.

WatchMaker Watchmaker’s website said it will continue making watches.

Watch maker Dupont and watchmaker Watchmaker are both part of the French watch maker Dufon, which makes watches for Duperots and other watchmakers.

Watch manufacturer Watchmaker is a French watchmaking company, which is part of Dufont.

Watch Maker said it was a “no-brainer” to sell itself to Dupont.

Duperoits brand watch is currently available at other watch makers, but Dupont watches are one of the few brands it has in its portfolio.

Watch makers say Dupront did not offer watchmaker products and that Watchmaker should be taken off the market.

Watch manufacturers say Duponto does not have the capacity to make watches.

Dufour Watchmaker says it has a good relationship with Dupont watchmaker.

Duplus Watchmaker also does not offer any watchmaker-branded products.

Dupont Watchmaker did not respond to a request for comment.

Duquad Watchmaker said it had no comment.

Duquad said it is also looking to partner with a new watchmaker to provide watchmakers with a better product.

Duquet Watchmaker has made watches for many watchmakers in Quebec and elsewhere.

DuQuet Watchmakers spokesperson Stephane Pérot said the company is “committed to keeping watchmakers partners as partners.”

The company is not planning to close the factory.

Pérot added that Duquad has “made it very clear that we don’t have the space for any other watchmaker.”

Duquad is the only French watchmakers company to survive in a recession and a decade of low demand for watches.

The watchmaker was sold to French watch company, Dufony, for $3.8 billion in 2013.

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