September 17, 2021

The Watchmaker, the Norwegian watch company, has unveiled a range of new models in partnership with Norwegian luxury watchmaker Norwegians watchmaker Vip.

The company, which is known for its timepieces, introduced the Vip Chronograph, a limited edition watch that costs £5,700, and a limited number of the Vips GMT and GMT Master watches that can be purchased for £1,999. 

“Norway is a small country and a country of only 3 million people,” the company said in a statement.

“The Vip watch has a beautiful balance between the traditional design and modern technologies that the people of Norway love.

We wanted to create a watch that reflects the lifestyle of the people living in Norway.”

Norway’s watch industry is dominated by watch brands that are predominantly made by Norwegian companies, and the Vippers are one of the biggest.

The company’s chief executive, Lidvar Jonsson, previously led Vip, the country’s largest watchmaker and a division of the company that was bought by the US company, Fossil.

Vip said the watches were designed to be used on the road.

“The Vips Chronograph and the GMT Master are perfect for long trips and when you need to take a moment to think,” Vipps chief executive Jonssons statement said.

“We think the VIP Chronograph is a great companion for those who are going on long journeys or just want a nice, quiet timepiece to carry with them.”

The watch’s colour is said to be a “lighter green” and is available in a variety of different designs including black, red, white, and silver.

The Vipp’s watch faces are available in different sizes, including 11mm, 16mm, and 22mm.

The watch faces have been designed to work with GPS and Bluetooth connectivity, and Vipp is already offering its watch with a smartphone app that enables you to check your watch’s battery status and adjust the time accordingly.

Watchmaker Vips, whose name means “lightness” in Norwegian, is currently the only watchmaker that has a global presence.

Its watches are also manufactured in the UK and China, but the company has said it plans to expand globally.

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