September 19, 2021

A new watchmaker is using its magnifying glass to enhance the size and weight of its watches.

The watchmaker Magnifying Glass WatchMaker uses the technology to magnify an individual watch so that the dial is much smaller.

It does this by using a small, flat glass tube which is placed on the wrist.

This tube is placed at the back of the watch so it’s able to bend and move to create a “squeakier” dial.

WatchMaker CEO Mark Jansson says this technology has been used in other watches including a number of watches by the Swiss company Casio.

He says the company was able to get the technology used in its latest watches because of the “very low-cost” nature of the technology.

“We use it to enhance a dial so it looks bigger, to give it a more aggressive feel,” Mr Jansson said.

His company is one of many watchmakers using the technology in the watch industry.

There are other companies making the same thing with the aim of making the dials smaller.

“It’s a small investment that will actually add up,” Mr Sjorsson said.

WatchMaker is not the only watchmaker using the magnifying technology.

  The WatchMaker brand has also been making the magnifier in-house.

Its watchmaking expertise comes from the use of “bonded steel” used in watches.

Mr Jansson’s company uses bonded steel in its watches and is looking to use it in its own products.

As a result WatchMaker is using the material for its magnifier to make the dial “feel more substantial”.

Watchmaker is also making a smaller, more affordable version of its magnifiers for watchmakers in Europe.

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