September 23, 2021

American watchmakers Institute (AWI) and the Swiss Watchmakers Association (SWA) have announced that the Google Watch is coming to the Swiss market.

The new Google Watch comes with a few improvements from the original, such as an easier interface, a new complication, and a bigger screen, but most importantly, it also has a brand new design.

The company says that the new design allows for a more flexible and elegant way to use the Google Wear app.

“With the new look, we have the opportunity to further evolve our experience with Google Watch,” AWI CEO, Chris Burden, said in a press release.

The original Google Watch was introduced in late October of this year and Google has been teasing the watch for a while now.

Now that it is officially available to the public, we can expect a few surprises as Google takes advantage of the new Google watch to launch a new version of the Android Wear platform, the GoogleWatch 2.

This year, Google is offering a new GoogleWatch in black with the Google logo, while white models will be available for $399.

The white version of Google Watch 2 will be the cheapest Android Wear device yet, and it will also feature a 4.5-inch display.

The Google Watch can be preordered for $379 at the Google Store or from any retailer that sells Google watches, such the Apple Store, Amazon, Best Buy, or T-Mobile.

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