September 27, 2021

WatchMaker, an interactive company that specializes in wearable technology, is announcing a new $7,000 watch that will teach its members how to use smartwatches.

The $7 million “wearable education program” is part of the WatchMaker Alliance, which aims to educate and empower its users through a range of interactive activities that are designed to educate, inform, engage and delight.

“We have partnered with WatchMaker to develop this new product, and are excited to share this experience with all of WatchMaker fans,” said Larry Smith, CEO of Watchmaker.

“WatchMaker is one of the most respected and well-respected watch brands on the planet, and the Watchmaker Alliance is the perfect place to learn from them.”

WatchMaker, which was founded in 2007, has been producing interactive products since the mid-2000s.

The company has produced some of the first smartwars, including the $10,000 Pebble, the $2,000 Google Glass and the $1,500 Pebble smartwatch.

WatchMaker will have an online store that allows users to customize their watches to meet their own needs and personal preferences.

For instance, a watch might have the ability to tell time or record a video.

WatchMaker also offers an app for iPhone and Android devices.

Users can purchase an online membership at the Watchmakers website.

The watch will be sold at a price of $7999.

A watch is one piece of wearable technology that is worn or worn over another device.

The device displays data about the wearer, such as the time they were last in touch with friends, when they took a shower, how much time they spent walking and what music they listened to.