October 14, 2021

WATCHMAKING FORCEPS are on a roll at the watchmaking world’s top watchmaker, and the latest trend is the forceps.

In a move that’s sure to put pressure on the industry, watchmakers are rolling out new models of forceps designed to be used in conjunction with the Apple Watch.

Apple announced the ForcePS Force, a “watch with two hands” last month and the ForcePT, a watch that attaches to the wrist.

The latter is designed to replace the AppleWatch, which was the first wearable device to use a forceps to measure the wearer’s heart rate and pulse.

Watchmakers are also rolling out forceps for other watch products, such as the Applewatch Pro and Pebble Steel, as well as the Pebble Time Round, which uses forceps as a screen protector.

The latest push by watchmakers is part of a broader push to move toward wearable devices, including the new Apple Watch and the new Pebble Time.

In April, the watchmaker Fossil unveiled a smartwatch that is designed with an Apple Watch-like display, which it said was designed to fit into a watch’s wrist.

In July, watchmaker Seiko announced it would use forceps in its new Seiko Oyster watch.

The new AppleWatch Force is being sold at a price point of $300.

It has a 2-inch display and weighs 5.6 ounces.

A similar watch, the Apple watch Series 3, will go on sale in the United States in January.

The Apple Watch Force is available now for $200.

The new Forceps will have a “diamond-shaped” shape, and are made of gold-plated steel, according to a company spokesperson.

“They’re designed to feel like a watch, they feel like watches,” said Stephen Bittles, who works at watchmaker Watchmaker Forceps.

“There’s an elegance and sophistication to it that’s not there on the Apple, and you don’t have to go through a lot of effort to get that.”

Bittles said the Forceps are made from an alloy called “brass” because of their shape and the fact that the gold-brass is harder.

“We’ve got a very high quality steel, so it feels very good to the touch, very light, very durable, and we can get the Forceppis to fit our wrist quite well,” he said.

The Forceps have been tested in several types of watches and watches are currently being made for both the Apple and the Pebble watchmakers.

But Bittls said that they are most commonly used in the Pebble, because the Pebble uses force pumps for the Apple.

“The Pebble is really trying to get the Apple to go the other way, which is to say, go back to the watches that have forceps on them and do what we have to do in order to make a more durable watch,” he told CNBC.

WATCHMAKERS WATCHMAKEUP RULESThe new forceps will be available in gold, rose gold, silver and titanium, but will be offered in a wide variety of colors.

A new ForcePT model, which costs $250, will be launched this month.

Watchmaker WatchMaker is not selling the Forcept Force, which comes in white, pink and purple.

The Forcept’s price point will increase to $300 in January and to $500 in March, with an option to add a black case, according in the company’s website.

WatchMaker has been expanding its watch collection since the Apple announced its watch and said it has plans to produce Forceps for the iPhone as well.

Watch makers are also working on Forceps to fit the new iPhones.

Watch maker WatchMaker says the ForceP Force will be released in January, but no release date has been announced.

The Apple Watch, the first wrist-worn device with a heart-rate monitor, is expected to go on store shelves in the spring.

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