October 28, 2021

WATCHMAKER Canada is preparing to take over as the country’s premiere watchmaking centre for the coming year.

WatchMaker Canada, a division of watchmaker B.O. Watch Co., will officially begin operations at a former watch factory on July 11.

The Canadian division of the watchmaking giant, with a worldwide workforce of about 100 people, will have a full-time, 24-hour, seven-day-a-week, six-day business model and is looking to attract the best talent to its fledgling operations.

“We want to attract people who are really looking to learn about the business, and that’s a good way to do that,” said Scott Rousselle, executive vice-president of watchmaking at WatchMaker.

“It allows us to have a great base of expertise in the watch industry.”

WatchMaker’s new facility will be located in Brampton, Ontario, just outside of Toronto.

The company will be able to provide a full range of products from watches, watches with movement options, wristwatches, and watches with mechanical movements, all to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the industry.

“The fact that we have an opportunity to partner with a company that has the experience and the resources to really help us build our brand is really important to us,” said Rousselsle.

“Our goal is to have this be a long-term investment.”

Watchmaker Canada is the third division of WatchMaker, which has its roots in Canada, where it began in the 1980s.

Watchmaker currently employs about 250 people, and will employ up to 700 people in the coming years.

“WatchMaker Canada is in a unique position to be able bring some of those talent to Brampton,” said Rob Kelleher, WatchMaker CEO.

“Brampton has a tremendous number of watch makers and has really benefited from having WatchMaker in the city.

I think WatchMaker is going to be really important.”

Watch Maker Canada is not the only watchmaking division in Canada that will have to move to the new location.

WATCHMAKE AMERICA, the largest Canadian watchmaking brand, has also announced that it will be relocating its operations from its current Toronto headquarters to a new, larger facility in Bramhampton.

WATCH MAKER AMERICA is expected to be a major presence at the watchmaker’s new headquarters, but its employees will still be able enjoy the same benefits of working remotely.

“With WatchMaker America moving into its new facility, Watch Maker will be in a better position to compete with our competitors and will be ready to offer our watchmakers the benefits of remote work, which we have always offered,” said David G. Gaudreau, president and chief operating officer of Watch Maker America.


WATCHMANAGE Canada is a division made up of two separate entities, WatchManage Canada and WatchManagers Canada.

Both groups are expected to have similar services in the future.

“A lot of watchmakers want to have some control over their own destiny, and we will be there to support them,” said B.E. Nesbitt, chief operating and financial officer of WATCHMANMAKER CANADA.

Watch Managers Canada is responsible for all aspects of the business of Watchmaker.

“Like WatchMaker Canadians, Watch Manages Canada is looking for employees who will build and manage their own brands and are willing to spend time with us,” Nesbits said.

Watchmakers will also be able tap into WatchMaker USA, a group of watch manufacturing companies that includes WatchMaker International and WatchMaker Canadian.

Watch Maker USA has its own business model, but is also the official watchmaking company for WatchMaker Europe.

WatchManages Canada has not announced any plans to change its business model at this time.

WATCHMEN CANADA is the second division of WATCHMAVERY Canada, which was founded in 2003.

WatchMEN CANADIA has a global workforce of more than 300 people, but the Canadian division will still have the majority of the staff in Canada.

“I can’t wait to be at WatchMEN Canada in Bramhall,” said Mike LeBlanc, CEO of WatchMENCANADA.

“If you’re looking to build a great watch company, WatchMEN is the place to be.

Watchmen Canada is going places, and they’re doing it right.”

WATCHMAKKERS CANADA has a staff of around 300 people and a focus on bringing in some of the best watchmakers in the world.

“One of the things that WatchMEN can offer is a level of expertise and understanding that we’re not always able to have,” said Michael A. Bickel